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Uri Nimrod Ramirez Jarquin MS, Neelam Shahani, Yunqing Li, Siddaraju Boregowda,  Srinivasa Subramaniam. Rhes protein transits from neuron to neuron and facilitates mutant huntingtin spreading in the brain. Science Advances. In Press. doi:

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Hernandez J, Shahani N, Swarnkar S, and Subramaniam S. Rhes Deletion Prevents Age-Dependent Selective Motor Deficits and Reduces Phosphorylation of S6K in Huntington Disease Hdh150Q(CAG) Knock-In Mice. BioRxiv.

Subramaniam S, and Shahani N. Ribosome Profiling Reveals a Dichotomy Between Ribosome Occupancy of Nuclear-Encoded and Mitochondrial-Encoded OXPHOS mRNA Transcripts in a Striatal Cell Model of Huntington Disease. BioRxiv

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Rivera O, Manish S, Shahani N,  Ramírez-Jarquín UN,  Crynen G, Karunadharma P, McManus F, Pierre T, Subramaniam S. Rhes, a Striatal Enriched Protein, Regulates Post-Translational Small-Ubiquitin-like-Modifier (SUMO) Modification of Nuclear Proteins and Alters Gene Expression. BioRxiv. 2020. doi: 10.1101/629667

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Tyagi R, Shahani N, Gorgen L, Ferretti M, Pryor W, Chen PY, Swarnkar S, Worley PF, Karbstein K, Snyder SH, Subramaniam S. Rheb Inhibits Protein Synthesis by Activating the PERK-eIF2alpha Signaling Cascade. Cell Rep. 2015;10(5):684-9310(5):684-693.

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